NOVAH ISREAL big dog tag – October 7th , "We Will Dance Again"

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"Nova" ISRAEL Dog Tag – October 7th "We Will Dance Again"
Nova Israel's dog tag "We will dance again."
The dog tag is enclosed in a black cardboard box.
Dog tag Size: 21cm x 15cm.
Made of durable metal.

Alad Casting Factory embraces the Nova community and will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales to provide economic support to the Nova community, offering assistance and support to those affected, including their families.

When we look at this dog tag, we are reminded of our inner strength to cope and recover.
We will bravely face life's challenges and allow a fresh breeze to guide our path.
Because deep in our hearts, we know that we still have much to give and experience.

Made in Israel

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NOVAH ISREAL big dog tag - October 7th , "We Will Dance Again"
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